Wedding Photographer


A great number of seasoned photographers shy away from shooting weddings because they find them stressful, where having a bad day is not an option. I, on the other hand, love weddings.

I come alive at weddings, I run around looking for the perfect shot, which means I am usually shattered the next day.  Just one look at the photos however, is enough for me to want to do it all over again, to capture all the little moments, from finger tips touching, to laugh out loud moments, and groups of friends and family who haven’t seen each other in years. I love capturing the emotions that comes out freely, the tears of joy and the tender kisses on the first dance.

Knowing I have made a difference in capturing all your moments is what drives me, why I lug around two heavy DSLR cameras, because there’s nothing more beautiful than the capturing that perfect moment between two people.


Stress free photography

I want you to enjoy yourselves, whether it’s your wedding day or a special birthday, don’t let photographers bark instructions at you just so they can go home on time. I work hard so you you don’t have to. A bride’s comment of “if only booking everything else was as easy as booking you” says it all.

Greater Manchester & Wider Area

Based in Greater Manchester, I am available for the whole of the Northwest. My style is fun and unobtrusive, because I enjoy my job, you too will enjoy me working with you.

Your memories are priceless, tell your story with memorable photos professionally edited that will make the unforgettable truly unforgettable.

See you soon

By Ray Ho