Been spending my time on a photographic training workshop this week. The workshop is run by arguably one of the top 5 wedding photographer in the world – the Austrian based Jerry Ghionis.

Jerry is a great teacher, but because he is so good at his craft, it can be quite hard work to take in, digest and retain all the information that he’s trying to teach us in just a short week. I have to say he’s opening my eyes.

The first day of was spent in a room with Jerry giving everyone’s photos a good in depth critique. Needless to say Jerry gave all bar none of us a good shake and told us how we can improve.

We were given an assignment to photograph a model or a couple inside a 10 minutes window. Within that window of time, we have to put into practice everything we’ve learned in the classroom into a single photo.  And this is what I came up with:


A week ago, I would have been really proud to take a shot like this, but now I can see not only where I can make improvements, but also how to do it. It’s like I was driving with an out of date map before, and Jerry’s workshop just handed me the latest all singing all dancing satnav and suddenly I see where I can turn and get to my destination more easily, more quickly and know for sure that I have reached the right place when I get there.

I am so excited. My next wedding is only a few days away and I just can’t wait to add that extra ooph to my work and hopefully wow the happy couple!