Wedding photography can be expensive, but we’re not charging more just because we can, there are some real reason why it cost more to photograph a wedding than say a portrait or a pre-wedding shoot.

I’ve put together a list why wedding photography costs more than other types of people photography.


public liability insurance is required to work in most wedding venues. Then there’s professional indemnity.


Two (or more) of everything. I can’t turn up with just one camera and one flash, in case it fails. Professional cameras cost over £2000 each. £400 for a flash. £900 for a lens.

Stress and Responsibility

Failure is not an option: I can’t tell you the photos didn’t come out; or that I’m running late, “please ask the minister to wait” just won’t do.

Everything Cost Us More Too

For example, wedding albums cost more than plain albums to source: I can’t just pop down to Boots and get you one album for £40.  The most basic and cheapest blank wedding album is around £100.

No Rescheduling

You cannot reschedule regardless of the weather or health, I can’t ask you to reschedule. If I’m ill, I’ll have to pay for emergency cover.