As a wedding photographer, it’s easy to give in to every requests and suggestions from a potential customer, especially in these sensitive economic times. However, every photographer should remember their training and work with the customer around their ideas intelligently, it’s no good blaming the customer if you didn’t get the time to take that amazing shot you had in mind because you didn’t take the lead during the day.

For example, is it not a real shame for a customer to hire a beautiful venue, saved for years to buy that designer dress, took the sensible option of hiring a professional photographer, but only to have a handful of demanding friends, aunt, or uncle to take over and end up taking up all the photo times with endless shots of them grinning that cheesy grin at the camera for 200th shot straight?

The best way to make everyone happy is not necessarily do everything everyone suggests, but to work together and agree what the customer want, and what the photographer think will work well.

Communication is the key of any relationship, even for a working relationship. Dictatorship seldom make happy people in the end.  🙂