RHOTOGRAPHY (ro-tography) is short for Ray Ho Photography. Recently relocated to Altrincham, Greater Manchester. I specialise in wedding and events photography.

I first started studying photography at school, working with black and white film on a manual focus camera. It was all hands on, shooting, developing and printing the photos by hand.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, I shot my first wedding in 2003 with a 6 megapixel Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR, and immediately fell in love with weddings. And because I enjoy them so much, my enjoyment will show through in the resulting photos. I am forever trying to find new ways to make each wedding that little bit more different and that little bit special.

Family portraits is another favourite of mine. With two children of my own, I know how quickly they grow up, and it gives me great pleasure to know I helped parents capture a beautiful moment of their family life.

Ultimately, my aim with RHOTOGRAPHY is to offer you up to date images that catches those unforgettable memories, photos that you will be proud to show to all your friends and family for years to come.

Take care, hope to see you at the next wedding!


Have Fun and Look Great

We put the fun back into the wedding. Our emphasis is on giving you photographs that you really want, and to make the process of making those photos as enjoyable as possible. We will go through your wedding plans together, listen to any ideas you may have. Nothing will be too wild! Be it a walk down the middle of Deansgate in Manchester with your bridal party, or a stroll along the gardens of Tatton Park, or simply a quiet photoshoot at your favourite park.

The difference is in the detail. At RHOTOGRAPHY, we understand the important role your culture and religion plays in your wedding. We pride ourselves in the attention to details, from the shoes to the flowers, your rings to the wedding carriage, not forgetting any special religious or family traditions.

Pre-wedding shoot included

So you don’t feel like a complete stranger is following you around on your wedding day, a couple of months before the big day, we will go out for a pre-wedding lifestyle portrait shoot. This will be taken at a location near you, and will give us a chance to get to know each other better so it’s one less thing to worry about on your big day. You will receive a complimentry 12″x8″ prints from this shoot.

The Model Treatment

For the ultimate model treatment, we will touch up your photos to hide blemishes that you may want hiding, give your diet a helping hand, or even give your figure a boost in all the right places. With Rhotography, you can stop worrying about how you look and start enjoying your wedding.


Cherish Your Dress ™

“Trash the dress” is an American phenomenon, but you don’t have to ruin your dress to get great pictures. Did you feel special when you put on your wedding dress on your wedding day?

You may have spent a fortune and months to find that perfect dress, you can now relive that special feeling of wearing it again and go on a Cherish Your Dress post-wedding photo shoot.

Take the American idea of trash the dress and turn it upside down, you can now have great fun and look stunning without having to ruin your beautiful dress. Cherish Your Dress by going on a two to three hours on location fashion shoot.

Regardless of when you got married or who took your wedding photos, make the most of that beautiful dress and be a model for a day.

Why Choose A Professional Photographer?

Finally, if you are still unsure whether to hire a professional then read my blog post about choosing a photographer and ask yourself a few questions before you make your mind up.